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We have chosen the four of the most popular Law Enforcement style badges to offer to the general public as CCW Badges. Since these are fully customizable badges we can put any wording required on them for you ( as long as it does not violate Federal ,your State or Local laws). The badge examples shown will give you a basic idea of the final look of your badge. Simple replace the wording with any you choose. All our badges are made with brass ( 95% Copper and 5 % Zinc). All are electroplated - Gold finish is 24ct gold , Nickel finish is hard nickel. Our custom Concealed Weapon Permit Badges are heavy duty professional Law Enforcement grade badges, just like the ones we have made of Police agency's all over the USA. Do not mistake our Badges for the Flea Market variety available from other sources.

Our custom badges start at $74.95 and take approximately 4 weeks for the manufacturing process. All our Custom CCW Badges include your State Seal with the exception of Florida to all the custom badges .

Please note that the above badges are special order, therefore can not be canceled once we have placed the order with the manufacturer. We will delay our order to the mfg. for 48 hours after the confirmation of our order via email from our project manager. We recommend not choosing expedited shipping as the manufacturing process is approx 3 to 4 weeks.

Last Update 08-10-2014