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We have chosen the four of the most popular Law Enforcement style badges to offer to the general public as CCW Badges. Since these are fully customizable badges we can put any wording required on them for you ( as long as it does not violate Federal ,your State or Local laws). The Badge examples shown will give you a basic idea of the final look of your badge. Simple replace the wording with any you choose.

Five point Star Sheriffs Style Badhe for Concealed Weapon Carry Permit Holders.

We offer 100% money back guarantee on all our Badges. If you are not happy than we are not happy.




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Style S-261


The image above is an example of wording available for your custom badge.

The above price is for a single finish, gold or nickel - Dual tone Badges are $89.95

Custom S-261

 Gold or Silver

Custom S-261

Gold with Nickel Panels or Nickel badge with Gold Panels.


The S-261 style badge is made of high quality solid brass which can be purchased in either electroplated 24ct pure Gold or hard Nickel. The five point star  badge is 2.59" wide by 2.6" tall and resembles the a Sheriff's badge. All our badges are made with a wallet style clip in order to easily mount in our ID case, Tri-Fold wallet or leather belt clip.  Badge and ID cases, Tri-Fold Wallets and Belt holders are available on this site for the above badge.

All custom badges take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture and ship. We recommend that you DO NOT chose a badge design that is similar to your local PD or Sheriff's Department.