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Concealed Weapons Permit Badge

with your State Seal

Image of Concealed Weapons permit badge with Indiana State seal.


Our Heavy weight Concealed Carry Weapon badges with your State Seal all come with a wallet clip backing. The CCW badges are full size professional quality badges manufactured by Smith and Warren, All our badges are heavy weight professional grade made with brass (95% Copper and 5 % Zinc). All are electroplated - Gold finish is 24ct gold, Nickel finish is nickel, Rhodium is Rhodium electroplated. one of the top suppliers for Law Enforcement agencies. The badges are designed to be carried in a Badge wallet, ID case or will easily fit in a badge belt holder or neck holder.

Click on your State link below to view image of your State Seal badge as well as details and ordering information.

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Now Available Custom Badges

Fully customizable Concealed Weapon Permit Badges, you are now able to put any legal text you desire on a Badge - Permit Number - Your Name - Company Name - Organization - Etc. In fact we are not restricted to a CCW badge , we can make it for any legal or novelty purpose.

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Last Update 04-05-2014