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Chocolate Ammo -Grenades - Ammunition - Handgun

All our Chocolate Novelties featuring 100% Belgium Chocolate - Featuring Firearms related Chocolate Novelties including a 13oz Solid Chocolate Full Size Handgun - 50cal. Ammunition - Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Shotgun Shells as well as a 3oz. Hollow Full Size Hand Grenade. Chocolate ordinance at it's best.

Now when told to "Bite the Bullet" - The Bullet can be 100% Belgium Chocolate.

Chocolate and Heat is a bad combination.

We can not guarantee product during summer months unless shipped overnight.

Chocolate  1911 Handgun

13oz of Solid Milk Chocolate 1911 handgun in a real plastic Handgun case.

Yes this is a full size Chocolate  handgun. 1911 and Cowboy SAA Style Coming as son as the weather cools for shipping.



Mini Ammo can with 20 @ 50cal. Chocolate Bullets. Chocolate 50cal. Ammo

20 Rounds of Milk Chocolate 50cal. Ammo in a reusable Mini-Ammo can.




Chocolate Hand Grenade in a decorative gift box.Chocolate Hand Grenade

100% Real Belgium Milk Chocolate. Full size 30z hollow Hand Grenade in Collector box. $14.73


Peanut Butter filled 100% Chocolate Shotgun shells in a decoratiive tin.Chocolate Shotgun Shells

8 Rounds of Peanut Butter filled Chocolate Shot Gun shells in a Vintage Collector Tin.



Purchase several as gifts for friends, family and don't forget yourself. - Chocolate Gun novelties.