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Minotaur Tactical now offers two different Shotgun Door Breachers/Muzzle Breaks

The Megalodon

Minotaur Tactial Megalodon Door Breacher/Muzzle Break for Mossberg 500 and Maverick 88 shotguns.

Before the Minotaur Tactical Door Breacher became available Shotgun Operator wanting to add an AR15 style Muzzle Break or Door Breacher to their tactical shotgun, their options were limited. Very few people wish to pay the high price or to be without their shotgun while waiting on a custom shop to add a Muzzle Break/Door Breacher to their Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590 series. The Megalodon Shotgun Door Buster is made from strong Steel featuring 5 shark like gill cuts on each side of the Muzzle break.

Will the Megalodon Door Breacher reduce Recoil? We do not have a clue! The Megalodon was developed for Door Breaching and to look cool on your shotgun. We believe the sling backed cuts of the Megalodon's Gills will reduce recoil, however we have not tested to verify.

Please note the Door Breacher will not fit 20 inch Mossberg because the magazine tube is too close to the end of the barrel. Also will not fit 20ga. unless you do some major shimming.

Will only work on plain barrels will not work on vent rib barrels.


The Zombie Thumper


Logo for Minotaur Tactical  manufacturerNow Available for the Remington 870 Shotgun

Minotaur Tactical has just released their New Door Breacher/ Muzzle Brake for the Remington 870 12ga Shotguns




The Zombie Thumper is constructed with the same heavy duty steel as the Megalodon. Has many of the same features as the Megalodon plus a pair of recessed eyes as well as extending four of the teeth to allow the user a better grip on Zombie Heads (Ok Door Knobs too)!

Mossberg Megalodon
Remington Zombie Thumper

Last update 10-May-2015