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Tactical Vest
Tactical vests available in two sizes and four colors - Black , OD Green, Digital Camo and Derset TanThe Modular vest pictured on the right is constructed of heavy double mesh with reinforced nylon PALS webbing covering the vest from top to bottom. Our Modular vest features 3 front buckles, 6 side adjustment straps and adjustable shoulder allows for a solid custom fit for most operators. The padded hydration system compartment holds the bladder neatly in place (bladder not included). Also includes heavy duty pistol belt attaches securely to vest to keep everything in place. Our Tactical vests are available in Black, Desert Tan, OD Green, Digital Camo.    Our Tactical vests are constructed of tough PVC on top of Mesh webbing for maximum ventilation and durability. Our Tactical Vest features 4 pistol magazine pouches, 3 rifle magazine pouches, 1 utility pouch, and a fully adjustable cross draw pistol holster which is removable.  The Tactical Vests are designed to fit most body types utilizing a front zipper, 2 buckles and adjustable shoulders with 3 adjustment straps on  each side to insure a secure custom fit. We will shortly have a super large size vest available in the near future. The Tactical Vest includes a heavy duty pistol belt which attaches securely to the vest to keep everything in place.



Special introductory Price:  $38.89
Black OD Green Desert Tan Digi Camo

$49.73 X-Large

Black OD Green Desert Tan Digi Camo
$39.73 Small - Youth
Black OD Green Desert Tan Digi Camo

Our vest is not just for Tactical missions - It is the perfect home defense item. When most people hear a bump in the night they may grab up a Handgun and check out the night noise. What about a Cell Phone - Flashlight - Extra Magazines and More? This is where the Vest comes in as a night stand vest. Now you hear a bump in the night you grab up the vest which has most everything you need for a **house or barn search. Examples of survival items includes: Handgun, extra handgun magazines, Cell Phone, Flashlight, light sticks, handcuff size zip strips, Carbine extra magazines etc.

** We do not recommend that you search your home should you know an unauthorized person is in your home or out buildings. If you are sure someone has invaded your space - Barricade your family, Call 911 and utilize lethal force should the invaders enter your families immediate safety zone.

Vest Sizing

Regarding sizing of our Tactical vests. We've had most people happy with the regular sized Tactical vest. However we have received some feed back that they would not fit larger guys and one department stated it would not fit any of their officers.

Look in the near future for our video on both the regular and XL tactical vests.

 Now available in a Small or Youth Size in all Colors.

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