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LASERSIGHTS for Mossberg Shotguns

Adding a Laser sight to your defensive Mossberg shotgun could be al the tactical edge your family needed to survive a violent in home confrontation. There are numerous brands and levels of quality Laser sights available for use on your Tactical Mossberg 500/590 shotguns. We have chosen the laser sights that are considered to be the leaders in the industry for providing a quality field proven product.

One of the most important aspect of a Laser sight system is the rigidity of the mounting system. This is only one of the reasons you will not find the moderate to inexpensively priced trigger guard mounted laser sights at our store, or on any of our personal duty Tactical weapons.


NcStar Laser Sights

NcStar Green laser sightsYou no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars to add a quality super bright green laser sight to your tactical shotgun. In addition the NcStar green laser sights for under $70.00 we also stock numerous red beam laser sights from NcStar as well.

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